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Post by Tailers on Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:01 pm

Name of your Character?

Death Knight


Current Level?

How old are you?
17 years old

Where do you come from?

Time played?
about 19 days (7 days to 80)

Do you have previous endgame raiding experience?
err, well I know sunwell =) and for WotLK I know every boss in naxx but saph and KT cuz my other guild never got to it when I was there. Did sarth 25 1 drake, Know EoE but havent completed it due lack of dps in the raid

What attunements do you have?
huh? im sorry I'm still not familliar with every WoWterm in the book the only attunement I know is for BWL...

How often do you play?
every night except for some mondays/wednsdays/saturdays for football practice and pubbing for the rest whenever im out of school I play like an hour then I go to the gym for 2 hours get dinner then log on again most of the time.

Do you know anyone in Cool Runnings?
Onika teh tankz dr00d

Why do you want to join Cool Runnings?
Because I've only been in 1 raiding guild so far which is my current one and well, raid times start at 9 which is already a bit late for me because I am GMT+1 so my time is server time and I have school. But well, we start at 9 and finish arach at 10:30... because we wait for ppl till 9:40 then take aaaaaages on loot and I asked Onika how he was doing on his raid and you already got arach. plague and half of military down when we just finished arach.
This will actually make raiding time worth something for me instead of starting at 9 then doing 2 quarters in 2 and a half hours.

Do you apply as a raiding or a casual member?

If you apply as a raiding member, what role do you prefer?
Dps, im blood spec atm for boss dps mostly but if you already have a good blood DK I'm willing to change

Can you use TeamSpeak? You are not required to talk but to listen to the RL's
Yes I can

Which last two guilds have you been in, and why did you leave?
KoV and OoV (Knights/Officers) of vengeance. I havent left yet because I want to know if this guild is willing to take me before I leave my current guild.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Well im 17 years old, from Holland.
In my spare time I either go to the gym (6 days a week), play football (2 days a week) play some guitar (whenever) and play WoW/Cs:s and sometimes some mates and I go to the pub on saturdays.

I'm quite, well... really social which means that I pretty much talk about anything that happens in-game that I find good enough to tell about (For instance my guild knows every detail on how I own DK's that think they're all that on my shadow priest) when they're 2 lvls higher then me... (poor fellows)

Erm, and for in-game well my first char was a rogue which is lvl 57 atm, I made a DK at lvl 55 and just got it to 80 cuz I liked them, for the rest i have some other chars im working on which is a 63 priest, 49 lock.

And my avg raid dps is 3800 done over arach and plague Q in naxx avg boss dps on all the bosses there (without loatheb)
is something around anub 3800 widow 3600 maexx 3700 noth 4200 heigan 3800
I've done the other quarters with about 3300 dps because I was either a different spec or still dual-wielding

Link to the armory

Do you have any applications to other guilds?

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