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pala tank application Empty pala tank application

Post by deminoen on Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:51 pm

Name of your Character?deminoen



Current Level?
How old are you?
Where do you come from?
Time played?
around 80-90 days not online atm Smile

Do you have previous endgame raiding experience?
on tbc was doing black temple as tank stopped for a bit at wtolk start but started again lately...done all serpentshrine cavern..tempest keep...zul aman etc
What attunements do you have?
no attunement for raids atm but got some cant remember...
How often do you play?
i dont play a lot i have life too Smile but when i raid i raid i can stay some time Very Happy
Do you know anyone in Cool Runnings?
azuul spoke with me to join told me you wanted a good pally tank..and came to post an applicationa t the forum..i know mariotet from tbc too..dont know if he is still inside guild
Why do you want to join Cool Runnings?
you are a good guild and have some raid progress been in your guild before on tbc before i started raiding a lot
was doing karazhans with you
Do you apply as a raiding or a casual member?
i apply as a casually raiding member Very Happy
If you apply as a raiding member, what role do you prefer?
tanking its my favourite:)
Can you use TeamSpeak? You are not required to talk but to listen to the RL's
ofc have teampspeak and micro too if needed
Which last two guilds have you been in, and why did you leave?
elite soldiers...and goretusk liver a crap one was doing pugs all this time..i was kiked by elite soldiers the time that i had stopped wow for some time that was the only reason they kiked me Very Happy

Tell us a bit about yourself.
im a fun person will do some jokes in raids and stuff...dont think of ninja pulls just verbal jokes
Link to the armory
Do you have any applications to other guilds?could get inside MAD but dont wanan hardcore raid

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