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Mage application (Solomon) Empty Mage application (Solomon)

Post by Solomon on Fri Dec 19, 2008 7:11 pm

Class? Mage

Race? Human

Current Level? 75

How old are you? Im 22 years

Where do you come from? Denmark, Copenhagen

Time played? Allmost since dawn of World of Warcraft, what is that now 3-4 years?

Do you have previous endgame raiding experience? Yes Mc, Bwl and Kara

What attunements do you have? none of WotLk yet

How often do you play? Allmost every day

Do you know anyone in Cool Runnings? Yes, Mariotet joined my former guild Dragon Slayers in Karazan and have done some instances with him also.

Why do you want to join Cool Runnings? You look like a serious but still fun guild to Adventure with (which is the best kind)

Do you apply as a raiding or a casual member? Raiding

If you apply as a raiding member, what role do you prefer? Dps

Can you use TeamSpeak? You are not required to talk but to listen to the RL's. Yes Teamspeak and Ventrilo

Which last two guilds have you been in, and why did you leave? At first I was in Golden Hearts wich after tbc launch dissolved itself by people stopped playing and leaving for other guilds. then i Joined Dragon Slayers that now merges with you guys Wink

Tell us a bit about yourself. I am 22 years old I help my brother out in his firm. Most of my Irl friends i addicted to some kind of game, mine is Wow.

Link to the armory

Do you have any applications to other guilds? No

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