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§1 - Code of Conduct
Read them and play by them.
As Authored by Ozon and edited by Stolpe.

We are a guild of friends but every guild need some rules, so these are the basic rules.

No money between guild members!
“Take what you need and give what you can” is the motto here. Free buffing and the handing down of armor, weapons and similar items is avery big benefit to the guild, but not the biggest. Fellowship is the biggest benefit and that can easily be ruined if the privilege is abused. We therefore ask that members don’t ask or request items that are higher than their ability to use them. An item that is sitting around waiting to be used is one that could potentially benefit another member even for a short time. Also, selling items that have been given to you by the guild for your use is discouraged. You’re not required to hand down items you find or purchase, and may sell them. Handing items down is just a sign of interest in growth of the guild and is favorable.

There is one exception to this rule: in the case of very rare and therefore expensive items, where the finder stands to “lose” hundreds of gold by handing the item down rather than selling it. Here we encourage sale at a favorable price within the guild. No need for a list. We all know the items.

Common sense and good behavior is expected.
This includes not using foul or abusive language in the member channel, not being rude, not being disruptive during meetings, etc. This should be self evident. Childish behavior will not be rewarded, maturity and responsibility will. Also, blatant use of exploits is not acceptable conduct. Not only will you make us look bad, but also the use of exploits can result in you being banned from the game. Cool Runnings wants to maintain a solid reputation as an honorable guild. We do not want to be accused of cheating in PvP, corpse camping, foul language, griefing etc. If that is your game, this is the wrong guild for you.

Remember you represent Cool Runnings every time you interact with others; therefore it is very important that you be respectful of people and their time. For example when asking for buffs - take your time, ask politely - and just as importantly: give people time to reply. Do not join a team and then go “afk” for 10 minutes. Stand true to the commitments you make to others in-game. Cool Runnings has a good reputation with other guilds, and we want to keep it that way.

No spamming on guild chat for buffs, items or help will be allowed.
If you ask once and no one answers, then accept that currently no one is able to assist you. If you ask 5 times in one minute, this is considered spamming. (Leaders will spam the guild channel from time to time, e.g. when rallying for a raid, this is of course accepted). Generally, you will be much more likely find what you are looking for, and less likely to upset other members if you ask a few times over a longer period of time, use the forums or ask a leader in a PM. Use your head; if you demonstrate politeness and are very supportive of the guild, you are more likely to find what you seek. If you are arrogant and rude, you will most likely find no help. If you are having a hard time finding something, ask a general nicely if they can assist.

We expect you to participate in the member web forum.
It is the perfect place to get to know other members of the guild, and a very powerful source of information and communication outside of the game. Participation on the forums will help to strengthen our community.

§2 - Loot Rules
If you are in a guild-party that is hunting a unique mob/dungeon known to drop phats, we recommend that the highest ranking guild-member in the team acts as the party-leader and holds the responsibility to ensure that the loot-order is set to roll on rare items.

If you are in a pick-up-party, we recommend that you get the party to agree on the rules of loot sharing, before you start. Or at least agree what to do with boss loot before taking him down.

Cool Runnings wants to maintain a good reputation, and we therefore salute NBG (Need before greed), ‘need’ meaning that any item should go to the person who CAN and WILL use it him/herself. Not for sale, not for an alt, but for the currently played character. Therefore if you are teaming with a warrior and find a great warrior-item, give it to him/her. If you are in a team with no warrior or find the item soloing, offer it to a guildie.

Loot distribution in raids
Raiders = Casuals = Alts = Trial
At this point we are not using DKP, (that might change however). Raiders and Casuals are considered mains, and there is no distinction between them considering loot distribution. Raiders of course do more for guild progress, but we have many dedicated and proficient Casuals that also play a crucial role in our raiding effort. We distribute the epics to the raid member that gets the best upgrade. This means that if more than one wants an item the one with the highest need will get it. If the need is the same, they will roll for it.

Enchanting recipes and other craftable drops goes in order raider - casual - alts - trial

  • The loot master has the right to decide on who gets the item.
  • All legendary items are assigned by the guild management (Raid leaders, Officers and GM).

§4 - Raid rules
Some instances and raids have special rules; both common and special rules will be listed in this section.

General Rules

Raids in general start at 20:00 and ends no later than 23:30. Special raid-times may occur, but usually not in our main raid schedule. Remember to be at raid entrance at 19:45 ready for invite, bringing your needed equipment, consumables and protection potions for that instance. Raids are not scheduled, but every day at 19.30 - 19.45 a raid leader or role officer will see if there is enough members online that wants to raid. The raid setup will decide on what instance we will do.

Joining raids

  • Everyone in the raid is expected to meet up at raid instance no later than 15min before the raid starts ready for invite.
  • The raid participants are expected to be for the whole raid, whereof normal raids is in the time-span 20:00-23:30. If you have to leave before normal end time, please tell your role officer before the raid. That way we may have the option to replace you or get a replacement for when you have to leave.


  • For now, we do not use DKP. But if and when we start, we will most likely use ZeroSum DKP System.

Required Raid add-ons

  • All participants of whatever status is required to have installed a set of add-ons in general. These can be found in the Raiding Forum --> Required Addons
  • In addition there may be requirements for your class, ask your role officer for further instructions.

Raid days:
None and all days. If we have members online enough to raid, they will be asked if they want to raid. If we can get a decent group we will decide where to raid by the raid setup.

We have no attendance demands. However, if you are concidered a raider, you may be asked to drop what you are doing and come to the raid.

Selecting raid participants

The raid leader has every right to prioritize members based the raid. This usually is only a question when filling up raid with people from the waiting list. This decision will not be discussed during raid, if you feel like you have been treated unfairly, discuss it with the RL after the raid is finished.

Reasons for changing characters in raid may be:
1. Someone on waiting needs Tier gear.
2. Not suitable gear for some special encounter.
3. You don’t bring enough consumables for your class (protection potions etc.) Remember to check your class requirements!
5. etc.

Raid leader also has the authority to exchange characters during the raid, if they don’t pay attention, don’t do their job properly, are too much /afk and so forth. These rules are in place to give the Raid leader the opportunity to tune the raid for optimal performance.

§5 - Member rules
If anyone for any reason decides to leave Cool runnings, they cannot re-apply before at least 30 days have passed. Of course we evaluate each case, but the general rule is 30 days. Note also that getting re-invited is not guaranteed, even after 30 days.

If a character has been inactive for more than 30 days, they will be kicked for inactivity, this is because we want to keep the member list to those actually active in guild. Note that if you are kicked for inactivity, you will be allowed to rejoin without writing a new application, just contact an officer online. Note that you will not necessarily regain the position you had when you were kicked for inactivity, if you were a raider, you will probably have been replaced at the time of rejoining, and cannot regain your raider status before there is room for you in the raider group.

Breaking guild rules

Harassing another member, or anyone outside guild can, and in most cases will, result in instant guild kick. We do thorough research before kicking anyone for harassment, but conclusive word from a GM, several other players, and guildies will result in kick with no chance of rejoining.


Exploiting the game in any way to get an advantage in the game will result in guild kick. We do not allow exploiting.


Scamming is not allowed by any members in Cool Runnings, as we want to maintain a good reputation and anyone scamming is destroying that image. Includes, but not limited to, AH scamming, trade scamming, trade-skill scamming and so forth.

Ninja Looting

Ninja looting, be it in-guild or in pug group will automatically result in guild kick.

Breaking the EULA

Breaking the EULA is not accepted in any way. This include transferring/selling and buying accounts. Such actions will result in immediate kick, with no way of rejoining the guild. Cool Runnings put great pride in its integrity, as a guild that comply with rules and guidelines set by the game and the game producers.


If there is great dissatisfaction surrounding one or more persons in the guild this may result in guild kick. Note that this always will be the last resort for such conflict; the leaders will try to resolve the conflict by trying to reach a settlement with the persons involved first.

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